TV Install Checklist

So you’ve got a great new flat screen but now you need your TV installed on the wall. There can be a lot of factors that affect the job. Here is a checklist of things to consider.

  • What kind of TV mount do you want? There are 3 basic types: Flat which means it does not move at all. Tilting which you can angle up or down for better viewing. Last is full motion which allows you to turn the TV in any direction so it can be seen from other areas like a kitchen.

  • Is the wall drywall, block, or stucco?

  • Is it an interior or exterior wall?

  • Are the studs metal or wood?

  • Is there a cable jack at the location you want the TV?

  • Is there power at the location?

  • Is the cable and power at the right height? Or will wires need to be run in the wall? No one wants their TV hung with unsightly wires running down the wall.

  • If there is no cable or power is there attic access to the location so that wiring can be installed?

Often we don’t realize the amount of work in a project until we really analyze what is needed. We may say I just need a TV hung but as you can see a number of factors come into play and affect the cost. Even in a perfect situation professionally mounting a TV is time consuming. Knowing the answers to the above checklist can help avoid costly surprises.