Technology Concerns When Building a New Home

Building a new home can be one of the most exciting times. Many times once our home is built and we move in we realize there were things we should have done differently. Technology is one area where this ends up happening a lot. Whether its WiFi coverage, network for that new smart TV, music, surveillance cameras, lighting control, or control of any other device, many times we forget these concerns until after we have moved in.

Most of us rely on the builder to put the proper infrastructure in the home. However depending on your builder can have numerous drawbacks. The 1 problem is that builders are not technology experts, most get little technology training unless its construction techniques, let’s face it would you ask a plumber or framer what channel your WiFi hotspot should be set to. The technology industry just changes to fast for builders to spend time concentrating on it. Can you really get technical advice from a person that doesn’t understand new options? Another problem is that most people do not use a custom builder we go through a large tract builder. These builders biggest concern is to keep the project simple, and cookie cutter, so they can get in and get out. Making changes for them slows down the assembly line. Of course cost is a huge concern with these builders. Yet another problem is that a lot of technology is unseen as humans we focus on what we see such as hardwood floors, or granite counter tops etc. which is why your builders budget focuses on those items. But the fact is those cosmetic items are easy to replace later. However once the 2nd floor goes on if you decide to add in ceiling speakers, or realize you have a WiFi dead spot, you could be looking at extensive drywall damage, and repair costs.

When building a home use a practical approach focus the bulk of your budget on structural, and infrastructure changes. Cosmetic items can always be upgraded with your next big bonus. It’s always a good idea to speak with a home technology expert, a consultant can give advice on current and some future trends and how it relates to home construction. Simple Home Tech is happy to consult with you before your next build, a simple free consult can save you loads of frustration in the future.