Choosing an Outdoor TV

Almost everyone enjoys sitting out on the patio with a cool drink in their hand. While we are there some of us enjoy watching our favorite sports or TV shows. But dragging a TV in and out of the house isn’t practical. Additionally harsh weather can make it difficult to have a TV permanently installed. But technology has a solution to fit your needs.

There are 3 options: 1) Install a weatherproof outdoor TV such as SunBrite or Seura. 2) Put your TV in a sealed weatherproof enclosure such as The Display Shield. 3) If the location has a moderate amount of protection take your chances and just install a regular TV.

Of course there are advantages to each option. If you install a weatherproof outdoor TV like SunBrite the biggest drawback is the cost a small 32” TV starts at about $1500. And if you need it to go in direct sun it’s about $3000 add to that the mount and installation.

With an enclosure prices start much more modestly as low as $450 for a small TV plus the cost of the TV, mount and installation. Sometimes ventilation can be an issue depending on the enclosure TV’s produce a lot of heat and need circulation.

The last option would be to just install a really cheap TV. If the location is inside a covered porch this can be an option. Keep in mind that humidity and bugs will get in the TV and eventually cause the TV to stop working. However if you only have to spend a few hundred dollars every few years, this option can be more feasible than an outdoor TV.

Enjoying the outdoors is great and if you want to watch TV outdoors Simple Home Tech has solutions to fit you needs. Contact us for a free consultation.