A TV that looks like Art

Samsung’s newest TV is called The Frame and it’s meant to look like art when it is on the wall. Perfect for the room where you do not want the focal point to be a big black screen. Family Rooms, Living Rooms, even the Master Bedroom.

Many times couples disagree on what rooms should have a TV. Often the TV breaks up the décor of the room, but this new TV is the perfect solution. The TV blends right in with the art work keeping the room décor intact. Just look at the pictures you can hardly tell the difference between the TV and the artwork.

This TV was on display at this year’s home technology show in San Diego. Of course the TV is 4K, it’s available in popular 65” and 55” sizes, with other sizes coming soon. Seeing this TV in person is very impressive. Simple Home Tech can always help with TV installs and design.